Painting Pops

Painting Pops is interchangeable artwork that is custom designed for the art collector. These particular pieces of art use a patent-pending method of attachment to display the art and it allows one to change the painting if they choose to do so. Frames that you see here have either been made in my husband’s workshop or found from various places and made into a frame. The handmade frames from the workshop can be made to your specifications so that they perfectly complement your room, but keep in mind that no two frames will be exactly alike. Also, found items that have been repurposed into unique frames cannot be replicated so once they are sold, there will not be another one like it…you will just have to keep your eye out for the next unique frame!

Painting Pops will always include the unique, patent-pending method of displaying artwork as well as a frame; this allows you to have a one-of-a-kind collection unlike anyone else. Artwork should speak to a person and it should be fun; Painting Pops embody this belief and allows the collector to be a part of the fine art process.

Click on any painting to see it greater detail. Also, please do not hesitate to contact me about any painting and frame combination you might be interested in and I would love to work with you on it so that you can own a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork!

Many pops seen here are either a 6 x 6 triptych set or a 4 x 12 triptych set. Standard sizing allows for you to continue to collect pops in order to make your space unique to you! Additional pieces in various sizes and canvas amounts are included in this collection so feel free to contact me regarding their sizes and frames. Have fun perusing, swooning, smiling, and engaging with art!


Sweet Belles $375



The Sky’s the Limit $150


A Good Morning $450



Cheers! $282



A Grand Vineyard $250



Serenity $282



Clean Air $150



Moon Glow $150


On a Lark

On a Lark $282


Take My Breath Away

Mountains Bow Down SOLD


Unwind and Unravel

Magic Meadow $282



Columbine, Friend of Mine $282


Celebration in the Vineyards

Celebration in the Vineyards SOLD


Morning Meadow

Morning Meadow SOLD (Commissioned Piece)


Autumn's Way

Autumn’s Way SOLD


Spring's Way

Spring’s Way $282


Winter's Way

Winter’s Way SOLD


Summer's Way

Summer’s Way SOLD


On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful

On the Coast of Somewhere Beautiful SOLD



My Dear Poppy… $282


Stream of Light

Stream of Light SOLD



One Moonlit Night SOLD


Sunset at the Vineyards in frame

Sunset in the Vineyards SOLD



Snow-Kissed Mountains SOLD


Vineyards in the Autumn revised

Autumn in the Vineyards SOLD